Ultra Hygienic Floor Puller (one piece)

Ultra Hygienic Floor Puller (one piece)

  • Model UH50 20″ (50 cm) and UH60 24″ (60 cm).
  • Manufactured in one piece, with a plastic base and a single soft natural rubber sheet.
  • FDA-approved manufacturing materials.
  • Easy to disinfect, ensuring effective cleaning of floors and other surfaces.
  • Recommended for use in food processing plants, pharmaceutical laboratories, hospitals, poultry or livestock slaughterhouses, bottling plants, among others.
  • Features 3/4″ threaded perforation.
  • Features a splash guard to ensure that liquid does not flow back to the dry surface.
  • Plastic construction will not rust or bend and is extremely durable.
  • Requires a standard thread adapter (No. Diken 10 11 48).
  • Handles are sold separately.




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